Why Video Chat?

Posted on January 30, 2019

girl-1064658_640Online chat and AI offer seemingly endless opportunities to automate and streamline customer communication. These solutions, among others, provide customers the opportunity to engage with a business when they want or need to and receive quick answers. Furthermore, automation is believed to increase sales and decrease expenses. However, without the opportunity for escalation to a live agent, these tools may ultimately harm the customer experience.

Video chat allows for the “face-to-face” connection that is lost in digital exchanges. Customers across generations are making it clear that they expect more personalized engagements from modern companies, and they are rewarding companies as a result.

The American Marketing Association reports sales conversions went up 20% with live video chat, creating an ROI of 300%. Here we explore the reasons today’s most successful digital companies are implementing video chat and how it could help your business achieve your desired ROI.


In the early 1990s, large investment banks used newly developed tools to allow their traders to communicate with multiple people at the same time. Seeing a gap, large technology companies seized on the opportunity to offer video devices to be used for communication.

Now, more than ever before, individuals are connected by technology. Today’s customers are accustomed to sophisticated and effective methods of communication. People engage with one another on tools like FaceTime and Google Hangouts, and they expect businesses to use similar solutions to connect.

While camera-chat has been around for nearly three decades, it wasn’t until recently that customers began to insist that video chat be available as an onscreen option built within a company’s website and offered for sales and support. With video chat, business agents and customers can hold “face-to-face” calls without being in the same location.

Video chat solutions for businesses also include features such as screen sharing, cobrowsing, chat functionality, CRM integration, and other components which make it possible to understand customer context and appropriately respond to and record the conversations.

Removing Barriers

Video chat removes barriers associated with distance and connection. Take a look at 6 reasons why video chat is right for your business:

1. Save time and money.

With video chat, companies save time and money related to business travel. Business agents can connect with consumers to resolve issues, answer questions, provide advice, or negotiate deals. In addition to saving the cost of this business-related travel, each business agent can have more meetings each day.

2. Increase productivity.

Video chat forces business agents and customers to stay more alert and focused on the topic at hand. Unlike a traditional text chat, one party cannot walk or click away, multitask, or lose track of the conversation. This increased productivity can lead to improved AHT and FCR.

3. See what they see.

Many video chat solutions allow an agent and customer to see the same information by using a combination of screen share, cobrowse, and mobile phone camera view. These tools improve customer satisfaction and further contribute to increased productivity.

4. Provide a better customer experience.

Video calls help improve communication and redefine and re-establish relationships. During a video chat, agents see body language and facial expressions. This context allows for a more nuanced conversation and better collaboration. It helps customers gain trust in your business and improves understanding of the brand and solutions.

5. Talk to multiple people at once.

Some video chat solutions allow business agents to talk to several people at the same time. For situations when a conversation needs to include various parties, video calls save time and improve outcomes. Less is lost in translation, and all parties are on the same page.

6. Enhance internal dialogue.

Your business might have remote employees. Video calls allow them to use their devices to engage in remote conversation with the personal feel of face-to-face discussions. The result is enhanced collaboration, employee satisfaction, and management oversight.

Video calls are no longer a novelty. These solutions have proven their value among early adopters. They are now a practical option for any business that prioritizes the customer experience and ROI.

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