The Benefits of the Recursive Labs Zendesk App

Posted on June 14, 2018

Zendesk App screenshotCould visual engagement change the customer experience? What if you could provide better customer interactions without leaving your CRM or support platform?

At Recursive Labs, we are committed to offering partnerships and integrations that serve a crucial role in your customer experience technology ecosystem. To provide you with the best product, we strive to ensure your customers have seamless and productive engagements with your team.

To create satisfaction for our customers and yours, we are excited to offer one of the best-integrated chat and support apps in Zendesk Apps Marketplace.

With our patented visual engagement platform, you can interface live with your customers on any device. Visual engagement platforms offer a suite of tools that enable companies to remotely see, share, and show what they need to their customers as though they are in the same room. With the Zendesk support and chat apps, Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform wraps a visual element around your existing engagement and relationship tools.  Our enterprise-grade platform allows you to be effective from the consumer all the way to compliance.

The Recursive Labs customer engagement solution includes Realtime engagement, Relate voice and video chat, Record archiving, and Request video ticket tool. This patented Visual Engagement Platform is the first cross-device solution built from the ground up for today's security-conscious industries.

Our open API platform includes:

  • The industry's most secure, cross-platform cobrowsing and video chat solution,
  • Engagement capabilities on any website, desktop, mobile, and IoT device,
  • No-download, in-browser voice and video chat,
  • Recording capabilities for compliance and training, and
  • Open integration with major bot platforms for interactive video and elegant escalation to live engagement.

The Recursive Labs Zendesk integration brings these platform features to your agents:

  • Escalate to cobrowse or video chat from Zendesk chat or support with a single click,
  • Cobrowse with customers directly inside Zendesk; no new tabs or windows,
  • Automatically attach engagement data to your trouble tickets for reporting/auditing purposes, and
  • Turnkey integration with your existing Zendesk Web Widget.

Check out more about the Recursive Labs Zendesk app by viewing our descriptions in the chat and support marketplaces.

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