Realtime Engagement - Now with FREE Voice and Video Chat Capabilities

Posted on July 27, 2017

We are excited to announce the addition of free voice and video chat as a core feature of our Realtime live customer engagement.

With Realtime, you can remotely engage with your customers as intimately as you would in a face-to-face encounter. By adding free, voice and video chat, you can elegantly move beyond a live cobrowse session by adding a live voice or video conversation.

To leverage a video chat, you merely need to create or use your existing Twilio account. Twilio is leading voice and video chat transporter. Your account is then integrated into Realtime and activated when you wish to include this capability.

Realtime by Recursive Labs

Realtime is central to the most secure, enterprise-grade Visual Engagement Platform on the market. It was designed to support our clients as you work to guide your customers and grow your bottom line.

Realtime is the first advanced customer collaboration solution designed to improve customer interaction for the world’s most complex organizations. Realtime includes:

  • The industry's most secure, cross-platform cobrowsing solution,
  • Engagement capabilities on any website, desktop, mobile, and IoT device,
  • Object-level security & redaction,
  • Integrated document sharing & annotation,
  • Compliance session recording,
  • Open API and established integrations with leading CRM and support platforms, and
  • NOW - free, no-download, in-browser voice and video chat capabilities

To learn more about the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform, download our information guide today!

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