How Video Chat Improves the Customer Experience

Posted on January 17, 2019

iStock-989403094The rise of video chat in everyday conversation has taken the world by storm. It was once a tool primarily used to communicate with far-away relatives. Now it facilitates much of the daily communication that was previously handled via text or voice alone. Video calls are particularly popular with members of younger generations.

As people alter the way they communicate with friends and family, they will also change their business communication preferences. Businesses must pay attention to the changing expectations of today’s customers.

Today’s customers seek out businesses who use technology in innovative ways to create unique solutions and to support customer engagement. They find these companies by seeking out information online. Organizations with a robust web presence draw more of today's customers. Furthermore, they expect personal and real-time interactions.

Video chat helps support this desired customer experience in the following ways:

1. Dedicated and personal engagement. Using video chat, customers receive one-on-one attention, and agents can connect more personally. This connection allows agents to adjust their communication to the specific customer and address their exact issues. This level of individualization results in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

2. Enhanced context. Video chat provides agents with non-verbal communication cues, allowing them to respond appropriately to customer concerns and questions. This information can be invaluable in both sales and support scenarios. When an agent can address unexpressed worries or doubts and anticipate both positive and negative responses, they communicate better with customers, close deals faster, and provide the necessary support.

3. Improved trust. Video chat allow agents to build a better rapport. Customers can put a face with a name and voice. With better communication and more effective interactions, customer trust for the brand grows.

4. Simpler conversations. The chances for misunderstanding are lower with video chat than with traditional text or phone options. Customers can more clearly express their requirements or show an agent the problem. With the addition of cobrowse, agents can also guide customers through any number of complex actions on a webpage. The opportunity for personalized guidance ensures that agents fully understand customer needs and address them without any errors or delay.

Real-time video collaboration plays a vital role in enhancing customer engagements. Visual engagement platforms provide a range of tools to supplement the support offered by video chat and to deliver enhanced customer experience.

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