How Does Video Chat Improve Customer Support?

Posted on February 21, 2019

laptop-3087585_640Today’s customers have changed, and this has created momentum around new tools and communication methods for engaging them. Customer expectations, behaviors, characteristics, and interaction preferences have shifted the buying and support processes.

Over the last several years, live chat has become a necessity for today’s companies. It allows customers to instantly engage with a business agent and receive a rapid response. This tool has evolved and opened the door to new possibilities. No longer does live chat only include typed text. Instead, voice and video chat have added new functionality and use cases to traditional live chat. These additional features have proven to be popular among today’s customers. Here, we explore how using video chat improves customer support.

Better Communication

Body language and tone play essential roles in helping to make a message clear. These vocal and physical cues are not readily available via text chat and are hindered even in voice communication alone.

With video chat, an agent can assess the hesitancy in a customer’s voice or draw from facial expressions to gauge interest or emotion. Knowing a customer’s emotional state helps agents understand how to proceed. It can increase First Call Resolution and keep conversations calm by preventing many misunderstandings. Clearer communication is a gateway to increased customer satisfaction.

Faster Resolution

Video chat provides a faster path to help customers. So often, customers encounter frustrating automated messages with long queues when attempting to contact a business. With many live video chat solutions, customers do not have to wait as long to reach an agent.

Furthermore, once in contact with an agent, customers can ask multiple questions, better display their concerns or thoughts, and even show products with the camera on their phone. Agents can resolve customer issues more quickly by using these additional tools.

Personalized Engagement

While technology has transformed the customer experience, customers still seek a human connection and personalized, expert guidance when interacting with a brand. Modern customers are looking for technology to enhance their connection - not to replace sales and service representatives.

Today’s customers want to be treated like people, meaning they want to be heard, understood, remembered, and respected. Video chat allows companies to deliver these human experiences at scale. Seeing the agent makes the experience of communicating with them more human. It increases trust in the agent and the brand. Furthermore, customers can sense and appreciate the personal and attentive one-on-one help that video chat offers.


Today’s customers demand that companies have the latest and greatest technology both as a part of the products they offer as well as in the methods of communication. They have more information and options available than in the past. These smarter customers expect smarter exchanges with companies. According to the survey, State of the Connected Customer, by Salesforce, 58% of consumers agree that technology has significantly changed their expectations of how companies should interact with them.

By adding video chat to a customer experience ecosystem, businesses utilize an innovative customer service platform that today’s customers value and appreciate. These types of tools send the message that the company is continuously looking for new ways to serve customers better.

Comprehensive Support

The addition of tools, such as cobrowsing, further enhances video chat. With video chat, your agents see your customer and anything they show through a camera. When video chat includes cobrowse, your team also sees the customer’s screen and knows what the customer is viewing. While navigating alongside the customer, agents use annotation tools, image sharing, and highlighting to provide a more seamless experience.

These tools save time and allow team members to understand the customer better, explain a solution more fully, and improve customer outcomes.

Video chat replicates in-person or in-store support. In doing so, customers feel cared for and have a more positive experience with a brand. To learn more about video chat, check out the benefits Upwork saw from rolling out Relate by Recursive Labs.

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