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Posted on January 24, 2019

PersonalToday’s businesses function differently than more traditional institutions. In addition to new tools and communication methods available for running a business, customers have changed. Their expectations, behaviors, and characteristics have shifted for the last two decades. Today’s customers and their interaction preferences alter the buying and support processes as well.

While technology has created the “connected customer,” these consumers still seek more than algorithm- and device-driven transactions. Customers seek a human connection with brands and their representatives. They expect these agents to be experts in their unique situation. Technology serves as a tool to enhance this connection. Here we explore how using technology to create more personal engagements for your customers can build a better customer experience.

Customer-first businesses consider how customers interact, use technology, and spend their time, money, and attention beyond their interactions with a product or service. With the customer at the core of the business decisions, a business can then structure a customer journey taking into account these needs and design individual customer engagements that result in high customer satisfaction.

The customer experience takes into account each of these engagements and represents the alignment of a customer’s daily life with the end-to-end workflow established by the company, including the full scope of touchpoints. A business can enhance the complete customer experience by personalizing its products and services in the following ways:


A company’s website is a central hub for customer engagements and organizational branding. Adding a personal touch can enhance the customer experience. Businesses can add a personal greeting or “welcome back” message for returning customers using chat tools.

Furthermore, tapping into algorithms and analytics the website can highlight specific information that is of interest the particular customer and not show information that might be less impactful.

Marketing tools like Hubspot allow companies to see customer browsing history and structure A/B tests to ensure that website visitors see the information most pertinent to their needs.


Employees are the heart and soul of the brand and the customer experience. One way to be more personal is to make employees more visible online. Providing employee biographies and asking employees to include company information in their personal LinkedIn accounts allows customers to find and identify with employees and helps them know from whom they are buying.

Furthermore, employees in direct contact with customers must have all the customer information readily available to them. Tools like Zendesk give agents a quick view of previous customer engagements and ensure that the experience is consistent and personal


Helping customers feel comfortable is essential to the customer experience. It is crucial that business agents can communicate with them using their preferred methods and making those messages as personal as possible to create this level of comfort.

When communicating via email or chat, it is essential to use the customer’s name and reference the specific products or services that interest them. On the phone, agents should feel comfortable deescalating any tense moments and anticipating customer requests.

Finally, as video chat grows for use in daily conversations between family and friends, businesses are seeing success by incorporating this visual engagement tool as a communication option. Tools, such as Relate by Recursive Labs, enhance the customer experience by creating a dedicated engagement, adding context to conversations, improving trust, and removing unnecessary complexities.

Personalizing the customer experience creates customer satisfaction and loyalty. By investing in these relationships, businesses will increase revenue, reduce turnover, and drive greater value. Today's Customers Want More 

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