Empowered Employees Create Transformational Change

Posted on August 30, 2018

workplace-1245776_640Technology gives today’s employees the ability to process data in real-time, increasing productivity while cutting out time-consuming manual labor. By eliminating repetitive tasks workers can focus on things that only humans can do, such as providing contextual information about specific audiences.

The combination of critical-thinking skills with vast amounts of data allows today’s workers to make better decisions and create new processes to enhance the customer experience. Today's leaders already use technology intelligently to train and retain employees. Leading managers of the future will trust and empower employees to find and implement new solutions and make the choices that best serve the customer.As a digital transformation team begins to make progress toward revolutionizing business operations, organizations must encourage employee involvement and buy-in to be successful.

Business leaders have decades of experience focusing on assets, such as real estate, inventory, and human capital. Shifting focus to digital assets they may not be as passionate or knowledgeable about takes self-reflection, openness, and often the ability to trust employees to build new patterns in thought and action.

Fear of change can paralyze new projects. Power struggles can kill a digital transformation. Digital transformation requires avoiding lengthy corporate processes to move things quickly. The cross-functional team needs visible support from the CEO and other executives, a mandate with explicit authority, enough resources to build out the program, and profit-and-loss responsibility and accountability to build momentum. The organization must incentivize employees based on the successful delivery of the entire customer journey or complete product as opposed to outcomes that matter only to one function of the business.

Digital transformation is hard work that requires a keen focus and the support of the entire organization. If it is not a priority for all departments, it will be easy for teams to get off track. You must empower employees across the company to engage and support the work of the team.

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