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Posted on October 18, 2018

computer-1185637_640Today’s customers are better able to troubleshoot their issues or questions than in the past. They also conduct the majority of their purchasing research online. When customers reach out to a contact center, they are educated on the products offered and the solutions they provide. They expect that their interactions and engagements will be with an expert who can immediately address their needs. Many businesses are turning to digital transformation to meet the demands of these customers.

Digital tools provide almost limitless opportunities to improve the customer experience. However, some solutions have proven to be more successful and essential than others. Here we explore three digital tools that can rapidly transform the customer experience and improve your bottom line.

Video Chat

Video chat offers a personal touch to an otherwise remote, digital interaction. Customers have a sense of presence that establishes a more fruitful relationship with a business and its agents. It creates a personalized experience, an opportunity for emotional expression, and real-time content sharing.

Video chat gives business agents more context than traditional voice. Agents respond to body language and utilize interpersonal communication skills, replicating many of the critical features of in-person interaction and improving satisfaction.


Cobrowsing forms the core of modern visual engagement platforms. It is an essential part of the growing suite of collaborative software used to run a business and engage with customers. Cobrowse solutions allow two or more people to participate in synchronized activities, where any participant’s actions show on the screens of all other participants. This tool enables a business agent to provide live, personalized guidance through any number of complicated steps.

Enterprise-grade cobrowsing also integrates with business tools to wrap a visual element around existing relationship and engagement platforms.

Video-Based Ticket Solutions

With video-based solutions for creating customer generated tickets, customers create a live-screen video showing and explaining their questions or concerns. When an agent sees what the customer sees, the “intake work” is smoother, and tickets can be solved more quickly.

The customer sends real-time video from a mobile or desktop device without downloading anything. Using their own words and voice, customers have the opportunity to describe their need and send the video off to the business with the click of a button.

To learn more about digital transformation, check out the Digital Transformation Roadmap infographic.

Download the Digital Transformation Roadmap

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