5 Quick Tips for Using Video for Customer Service

Posted on February 14, 2019

checklist-2077024_640Companies are using video chat to solve problems or answer sales questions more quickly and in a more humanized way. Video chat offers more personalized support, better training, and better customer experience.

Many aspects of customer service are now automated. As a result, it is even more essential to provide customers with the opportunity to engage with a real person who is committed to helping resolve any issues. Video chat is a refreshing way for companies to stay connected to their customers. In this blog, we share 5 quick tips to use video chat for customer service.

1. Be proactive.

From supporting transactions to responding to requests - engaging with customers in the moment through video chat improves conversion and creates stronger relationships with customers. Successful customer service teams target high-value visitors and offer to chat via video.

To accomplish this outreach, you will need an integrated CRM to capture data on your customers. Combining tool with information on engagement from incoming calls, emails, social posts, and a connected video chat tool allows you to target visitors and identify moments to serve customers.

2. Allow customers to use any device.

Video chat must be accessible across all platforms your customers use. To do this, you should deploy video chat via your website (mobile and desktop), your app, or via text message or email.

When video chat is cross-platform, customers can simply push a button or link and instantly connect to a live support person via video.

3. Make video chat easy for your customers to use.

If video chat solutions are not intuitive for the customer, it could negatively impact the customer experience. The right solution will avoid extra app downloads on computers or phones. Furthermore, an instant connection is imperative to a successful chat.

Option buttons need to be clear and easy to understand. Options should be limited to avoid confusion. Ideally, customers or agents can use visual engagement to share their screen, drop links into a chat, or share screenshots or support documents bidirectionally.

Furthermore, on a mobile device, customers should have the option to rotate their screen to provide a live camera stream and show any object imperative to the resolution of their issue. In this scenario, agents can pause the stream, make annotations, and send an image back to the customer to guide the resolution.

4. Integrate cobrowse for better support

With video chat, your agents can see your customer and anything they show through a camera. When video chat includes cobrowse, your team can see the customer’s screen and know what the customer is viewing. Navigating alongside the customer, agents can use annotation tools, image sharing, and highlighting to provide a more seamless experience.

These tools save time and allow team members to understand the customer better, explain a solution more fully, and improve customer outcomes.

5. Hire and train the right support agents.

Hiring and training the best agents is critical for delivering valuable customer support. It’s particularly essential in video interactions where customers have a more in-depth view of the representative.

Agents need to be natural, authentic, and comfortable. Customers can identify discomfort and knowledge gaps. Additionally, with video chat, background and lighting are essential. Be sure that customers will be able to see an agent without clutter.

Provide your agents with the right training and tools to resolve issues. In addition to traditional training tools, added recording features for video chat can provide valuable training videos for current and future customer service team members. These recordings also allow supervisors to analyze the tone and facial expressions of the team members.

If you are trying to provide a higher level of customer service remotely, video chat may be an excellent option for your business. Today’s customers utilize video chat in their personal lives and are looking for companies that engage with them using their preferred methods. It is the perfect time for customer support teams to start leveraging video to create a better customer experience.

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