10 Questions to Help Choose the Right Customer Experience Technology

Posted on March 21, 2018

phone-2223157_640.jpgFor decades, business leaders have turned to technology to help deliver customer support and aid sales efforts. However, the focus on customer experience has also required a delicate balance with organization budgets and agent workflows.

Traditional customer engagement technology is often relatively simple...for the business. That simplicity creates burdens and challenges for the customer. Today’s buyers seek businesses who provide experiences designed to accommodate their needs and demands. Here, we have compiled a list of questions for business leaders considering upgrading their technology. 

Modern customer interaction solutions incorporate video or other personalization tools to create almost fail-safe engagements for customers without adding substantial cost or complexity for the business. Omnichannel contact centers and businesses have technology ecosystems that encompass a wide range of technologies. Each solution has benefits and challenges, and selecting the right mix for a business can be overwhelming for leaders.

The answers to these questions should guide business leaders to the product category that makes the most sense for a business and its customers:

  1. What types of technology do your business agents use to communicate with customers? What aspects work, and what aspects do not?
  2. What are your customer experience goals, and how can technology help you reach them?
  3. What factors will make your business more attractive to prospective customers?
  4. Which communication medium(s) do your customers or target customers prefer?
  5. Which solution(s) is most scalable for your organization and best fits your future growth plans?
  6. If your industry or business is regulated by the government or another external body, which solution(s) will help achieve relevant standards?
  7. Have you experienced challenges with customer communication or interactions? If so, what technology features would have made a difference?
  8. What is the average cost per call for your business? Is there a technology that could help reduce that?
  9. How could technology help sell products or services you offer or provide a better experience for your customers?
  10. Which solution or combination of solutions will provide the best customer experience?

Leaders have turned to technology to streamline customer engagements and deliver happier customers and a better bottom line. While there are many types of technology available to different types of customers, choosing the right tools for a business can be challenging. For more information on selecting the right solution, check out “Choosing Customer Experience Technology: What Every Business Leader Must Know.

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